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Montreal Ranked #1 Healthiest City In North America

Check out who else made the cut!
Montreal Ranked #1 Healthiest City In North America

The word "healthy" is quite loaded these days. With experts in the field frequently holding opposing views, defining what it means to lead a "healthy" lifestyle is a contentious subject - ultimately, it's increasingly difficult to pinpoint exactly what it means to be "healthy."

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Although it's a tough subject to tackle,Spot A Home set out to answer the question: What is the healthiest city in the world?

By collecting a load of data and comparing several essential factors including annual sunshine hours, life expectancy at birth, and obesity in adults, Spot A Home was able to create a "healthy city index"  that ranked 80 different cities from around the world.

A study of this magnitude involves a lot of data crunching if you're into nerding-out on statistics check out the full methodology here.

Otherwise, the final results are pretty fascinating. Number #1 globally was unsurprisingly the Dutch city of Amsterdam.  A pedestrian and bike-friendly city and popular tourist destination, also known for their weed and "nightlife" tourism.

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Finally, the result you've been waiting for, Montreal ranked as number 21 on a global scale.  We made it into the top 25, baby!

Regarding all of North America, Montreal ranked #1!  In second place for North America goes to Vancouver and third place is awarded to San Fransisco.

Check out all the cities on the "Healthy city index" to see who made the cut!

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