Montreal Ranked #1 In Canada For Most Congested Traffic City

Placing 1st is not always a great thing.
Montreal Ranked #1 In Canada For Most Congested Traffic City

 Photo Cred - Bernardo Palmisano-Pisarzewski

Complaining about traffic in Montreal is officially justified, as the city has been ranked the most congested city in Canada. On a global scale, Montreal still ranks pretty high, making the city one of the worst in the world in terms of traffic and hours wasted in a car.

Montreal's new-found title is based on findings by INRIX, who have made a scorecard of traffic congestion and delays based on rush hour traffic (6am-10am + 3pm-7pm, Monday-Friday) in 2013. Check out INRIX's traffic scorecard right here, you know, if you don't believe us.

First in Canada, Montreal is the 14th most congested city worldwide, ahead of lager metropolises like New York and Toronto. In North America, Montreal ranks 5th.

All of Montreal's car pile ups and traffic congestion adds up to a 21.6% delay in the city's collective trips per year. That adds up to 38.1 hours wasted in traffic per year, which is nearly an entire work week.

Top on the worldwide list of most congested cities are Milan and Brussels, who wasted 57 and 82.9 hours per year in traffic, respectively. Traffic could be worse elsewhere in the world, but not in Canada, 'cuz Montreal traffic is the worst in nation. Yay?

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