Montreal Ranked #1 Worst Traffic City In Canada

1st place isn't always a good thing.
Montreal Ranked #1 Worst Traffic City In Canada

Usually when I write a post with "Montreal ranked #1" in the title, it's a good thing. But this time, not so much. 

A company calledINRIX just released their stats for the cities around the world that have the worst traffic problems. And wouldn't you know it, Montreal ranked very high on the list. 

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Montreal is officially the most congested city in Canada.

We ranked #12 among all the cities in North America, and we ranked 27 worldwide. 

As pissed off as I am, I'm actually kind of surprised we didn't rank higher. After all this nightmarish level of traffic we've been experiencing lately, winning the title of world's worst traffic city would have almsost made it worth it. Like a badge of honor to prove how tough we are. 

Guess we'll need to suffer a lot more if we want to get that #1 spot. 

Check out INRIX's website to see how the rest of the world ranked.

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