Montreal Ranked #10 Most Reputable City In The World

It is time to be proud, very very proud.

Photo cred - Stéphanie Amesse

Montreal has quite the reputation in Quebec, and Canada at-large. We're known for being the province/nation's cultural epicenter, party-tastic sin city, and basically the best, at least according to ourselves. The whole world feels the same way, apparently, as Montreal has been ranked as one of the world's top ten most reputable cities by the Reputation Institute (which is a real thing), reports Forbes.

According to Forbes, the Reputation Institute polled about 19, 000 people from 100 different G8 countries, asking them to assess each nation on three different categories: advanced economy (products & services, technology, financial growth), appealing environment (aesthetic beauty, food, arts) and government (political structure, various policies). After considering all that, Montreal was ranked the 10th most reputable city in the entire world.

Only one other North American cities got into the top ten (Vancouver at #7) which just goes to show how well-perceived Montreal is in comparison to the rest of the continent. Fernando Prado, managing partner for the Reputation Institute, pointed out that Montreal probably did so well, at least in contrast to other Canadian cities, specifically Toronto, because we didn't have to deal with the bad PR that was the Rob Ford scandal. Oh, Ford, he's the gift that keeps on giving. As for American cities, well, everyone already kinda hates the U.S.

See how Montreal stacked up against the other cities on the list by checking out the top ten ranking below.

1. Vienna

2. Munich

3. Sydney

4. Florence

5. Venice

6. Oslo

7. Vancouver

8. London

9. Barcelona

10. Montreal

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