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Montreal Ranked #12 "Most Polluted City" In The World

Big economies mean big pollution.
Montreal Ranked #12 "Most Polluted City" In The World

Photo cred - Ani Deg

Be wary when you take a breath of fresh air in Montreal, because the oxygen we're inhaling into our very being  isn't the cleanest in the world. Actually, Montreal's air is among the dirtiest in the world. Those doctor-breathing masks you see on some folk don't seem so silly now.

The World Health Organization (WHO), using the US Environmental Protection Agency's air-quality index (AQI) ranked the world's most polluted cities, in terms of how many tiny particles in the air that can be inhaled and then damage lungs. To give you some context, an area with 100 is potentially harmful for some, while 400+ is really bad for everyone.

Taking the world's largest economies, WHO then put the most polluted city on the graph below, courtesy of The Economist. 12th in the most polluted world economies is Canada, with Montreal ranking as the nation's most polluted city, alongside Sarnia. Montreal's ranking isn't nearly as bad as some Asian countries on the list, which is a minor consolation.

Check out the graph below.

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