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Of all travel destinations in Canada, nay, the entirety of North America, Montreal is definitely the number one spot to visit for any self-respecting world traveler. A tad hyperbolic, we know, but we're not the ones who said it, as has just ranked Montreal as the 3rd city in the world every traveler must visit, and the #1 destination on the continent.

Beating out the likes of New York City, Toronto, and all the other less-amazing cities found in North America, Montreal was given its travel ranking for its incredible cultural variety. Here's exactly what had to say:

"The world comes to you in Montreal. This French-Canadian city is multicultural, multilingual, progressive and accepting. It's a place of art galleries, comedy shows, theatres, music venues, bars, cafes and restaurants. If your version of culture includes eating so much you have to wear your stretchy pants and then going out until the wee hours, then Montreal is your city."

Can't say we disagree in any way, especially since we've all had those nights where we burned off our giant dinner solely by drunkenly dancing and running around the city. Montreal is a magical place, and it's good to know the travelers of the world know it. See how Montreal stacked up against the rest of the cities in's list below.

  1. Fes, Morocco
  2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  3. Montreal
  4. Lima, Peru
  5. Granada, Spain
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Mumbai, India
  8. Esfahan, Iran
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Moscow, Russia

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