Montreal Ranked #3 Best Cycling City In The World

CNN proves what we already know.

Photo cred - Shawn Kristofor Bennett Photography

Everyone knows Montreal is a cycling city, and now we're getting some global recognition. Already well established as the best cycling city in North America, Montreal has now been named one of the top biking cities in the entire world by CNN. With all of our bike paths, cycling events, and beautiful bikers, Montreal was pretty much a shoe-in for the top three.

CNN created its list of 8 based on "aspiration, ambition...progress [and] endless ranks of smiling cyclists pedaling sensible bikes on segregated paths." As mentioned, Montreal has that last bit in spades.

Montreal's cycling culture is praised in the global ranking, along with the city's 400 miles of bike paths, and Bixi. Noted, however, is the ongoing struggle cyclists face in the city, often being "nudged onto busy roads." It happens, sometimes with fatal results.

Below is CNN's full list of the world's best cycling cities, with Montreal ranked third.

1. Utrecht, Netherlands

2. Seville, Spain

3. Montreal

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Berlin

6. Portland, Oregon

7. Tokyo

8. Bogota, Colombia

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