Montreal Ranked #3 Friendliest City In The World

Kind of surprising, not gonna lie.
Montreal Ranked #3 Friendliest City In The World

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One thing you can always rely on in Montreal is that the city's people will help out a tourist. Not always in the classic helping with directions or heavy bag way, I mean in the "where should we go out tonight" kind of way. More than any other city in Canada, Montrealers are willing to make sure out-of-towners have a great time in the city, and they've noticed, ranking Montreal the third friendliest city in the world., a worldwide travel advice site, asked all of its followers (well over 100K with Facebook and Twitter combined) to rank the world's cities based on the friendly-levels of the locals. Out of fifteen cities ranging from Budapest to Tokyo, Montreal placed third most friendly overall.

Montreal was chosen for being "colourful, engaging and welcoming in French and English!" as pointed out by one Rough Guide twitter follower. A truer statement was never said before.

The only other Canadian city to make the list was Vancouver, which ranked 7th on the friendliest city list. Take that west costers, you may be all chilled out and permafried, but that doesn't mean your nicer than Montrealers.

To see which cities Montreal beat out and ranked below, see Rough Guide's list of the world's 15 most friendly cities below.

1. Glasgow, Scotland

2. Dublin, Ireland

3. Montreal

4. Liverpool, England

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Vancouver, Canada

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Dubai, UAE

9. Manchester, England

10. Melbourne, Australia

11. Budapest, Hungary

12. Cape Town, South Africa

13. Vientiane, Laos

14. Wellington, New Zealand

15. Atlanta, Georgia

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