Montreal Ranked #4 Best City In The World For Dating

Photo cred - Lucien-Guy

Singles love to mingle in Montreal, a fact we know (and love) all too well, but now the city is getting some worldwide recognition, ranking as one of the best cities for dating on all of God's green Earth, according to BBC.

BBC chose five different cities to create their "world’s best cities for dating" list, including metropolises that had a mix of bars, restaurants, parks, and a solid amount of parties/events. All things Montreal has in spades, so no surprise the city made the list.

An all too accurate point made by BBC is that anyone wanting to find an SO in Montreal should date-by-borough. We all know certain types dominate specific areas, and BBC gets it pretty accurate: downtown has "urban party-seekers," the plateau is filled with artist and hipsters, the Village has plenty of gays (obvi), and Old Montreal is for people already paired up who want to go on dates.

Out of five, Montreal ranked #4 on BBC's list of the world's best cities for dating. The full list is below.

#1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

#2. Austin, United States

#3. Copenhagen, Denmark

#4. Montreal, Canada

#5. Cape Town, South Africa

Add this to Montreal's existing city-rankings including:#8 for most beautiful women, 80th most photographed city, 29th most active, #4 most beautiful clock, #1 bicycle city in North America, and #4 best city in Canada to be a woman.

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