Montreal Ranked #4 Best City To Travel To At Least Once Before You Die

The only Canadian city on the list.
Montreal Ranked #4 Best City To Travel To At Least Once Before You Die

As Montrealers, we already know we're awesome. But it's nice when the rest of the world recognizes that fact as well.

Routard just released a list of the top 50 cities you have to visit at least once before you die and Montreal landed spot #4 on list. 

Montreal came in right behind New York, San Francisco and Miami. The article describes us as the America of French people. The city is simultaneously Anglo-Saxon and Latin and it plays an important part in the concert that is North-America. We are the perfect intermediary between Europe and America. Montreal is  multicultural and the Quebecois are warm and dynamic.

Here's the rest of the list: 

1. New York

2. San Francisco

3. Miami

4. Montreal

5. Mexico

6. Havana

7. Rio de Janeiro

8. Buenos Aires

9. Valparaíso

10. Cuzco

11. Paris

12. London

13. Dublin

14. Amsterdam

15. Brussels

16. Lisbon

17. Barcelona

18. Madrid

19. Seville

20. Rome

21. Venice

22. Florence

23. Naples

24. Athens

25. Dubrovnik

26. Berlin

27. Vienna

28. Prague

29. Budapest

30. Krakow

31. Stockholm

32. Moscow

33. Saint Petersburg

34. Istanbul

35. Marrakesh

36. Cairo

37. Dakar

38. Cape Town

39. Jerusalem

40. Dubaï

41. Beijing


43. Hong Kong

44. Tokyo

45. Bangkok

46. Kathmandu

47. Mumbai

48. Hanoï

49. Luang Prabang

50. Sydney

For more details check out Routard's website.

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