Montreal Ranked #5 Best City In The World For Street Art

Our murals are world renowned
Montreal Ranked #5 Best City In The World For Street Art

Montreal is a city of artists, and unlike most places, we don't like to keep our art exclusively in museums. Instead, we take to the streets and plaster it all over the city.

The best part of Montreal street art is that it is constantly evolving. Every year, MuralFest adds a few more pieces and replaces a few of the older ones, turning the city into one giant art gallery that everyone can enjoy.

The murals in Montreal constantly get shared around the internet and the rest of the world is taking notice.

And if you need a few examples, here are some murals we added this year.

Earlier this week, USA Today actually named Montreal #5 on their list of the 10 best cities to see street art. 

I only wish they elaborated a bit more in their blurb about our city, but what can you do? Our only option is to try to be more awesome than ever this year so that we get ranked #1 next time.

Here is the complete ranking: 


Los Angeles

New York




Sao Paulo




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