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Montreal Ranked #5 Most Underrated Foodie City In The World

The city certainly deserves this.
Montreal Ranked #5 Most Underrated Foodie City In The World

Photo cred - Sara

Food is a big deal in Montreal, like, a really big deal. The city's obsession with eating is apparent from the diverse selection of high and low brow eateries, our gourmet food trucks, and the insane edibles bursting out of Montreal kitchens. We know we cook up a storm, though the world at large may not have clued in. Huffington Post will hopefully change all that.

In HuffPost's recently published "8 Under-the-Radar Foodie Cities" article, Montreal ranks #5. It came as a surprise that Montreal would even be on a list of underrapreciated food-cities, but again, while Montrealers love the food scene here, foreign folk apparently don't know what they're missing.

Montreal's gained its place on the list for a few features of the city's food-scene. Our wide range of cultural cuisines and poutine-options were both reasons listed by HuffPost, as we're the city's farmers markets and food-festivals like Taste MTL. Curiously not mentioned is our love for Portuguese chicken, many vegetarian options, and the city's brunch-obsession, which can be chalked up to outta-towner ignorance.

1. Lima, Peru

2. Hong Kong

3. Bologna, Italy

4. Melbourne, Australia

5. Montreal, Canada

6. Richmond, Virginia

7. Oaxaca, Mexico

8. Houston, United States

The city's "best kept secret," according to HuffPost, is the Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon, the urban sugar shack that blows your mind with sinful sweets. A solid choice, though we'd probably suggest Brutus, the newly opened bacon-themed bar in Rosemont. Not exactly a secret following international press coverage before the bar's opening, but their creative bacon creations are something tourists should know about. Feel free to comment your own suggestion, because we definitely have a bacon-bias.

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