Montreal Ranked #6 Best City In The World, Toronto Ranked #23

They are both the only two Canadian cities to make the international rankings list.
Montreal Ranked #6 Best City In The World, Toronto Ranked #23

TimeOut, a "global media and entertainment business," has attempted to make a definitive ranking of the best cities in the world. Their methodology is far from simple: they polled 34,000 residents from all around the world, as well as their editors.

Respondents were all asked to respond to the same poll (which is undisclosed), asking questions about eating, drinking, culture, nightlife, relationships, community, local neighbourhoods, and overall happiness.

The results? Montreal was ranked 6th best city in the world for 2019. The other Canadian city on the list is Toronto, which comes in 23rd.

The poll took into weighed several factors that were considered important in urban culture: food, drink, culture, music, nightlife, sociability, happiness, progress, attractiveness, and a few other qualities.

New York ranked first out of 48 cities. Montreal came in 6th worldwide, behind Melbourne, Chicago, London, and LA. Toronto was ranked 23nd best city in the world. 

Montreal ranks high because it is "a top destination for letting your freak flag fly," and "one of the best cities in the world to just be yourself."

TimeOut goes on to note that it holds a "status as a cultural hub full of self-expression" and is "the second most affordable city on the planet (with the second shortest working hours)." 

Toronto ranks on the list for its amazing food scene. The poll states that "from first glance, sprawling Toronto may seem like any other concrete jungle whose bustling inhabitants pass without a smile."

"But don’t be fooled by our stoic façades: we’re happier and friendlier than the global average [with] an ever-evolving culinary scene, which two thirds of Torontonians rate as amazing."

Other interesting findings from the poll? Manchester is the most hungover city, and Madrid residents party the most. Chicago residents are the happiest.

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Bangkok eats more takeout and street food than any other city. Parisians have the most sex, and residents of Tel Aviv have the most one-night stands.


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