Montreal Ranked #8 Best Student City In The World

A ranking this city should be proud of.
Montreal Ranked #8 Best Student City In The World

Photo cred - Daniel Kent Dominic for McGill University

Love it or hate it, students are a major feature of Montreal. With four universities, a bunch of nearly autonomous but still affiliated faculties, and a large number of colleges and CEGEPS, Montreal has a huge student population, largely because youngins who study here love the city, and the city loves them back. QS Top Universities has recognized the mutual adoration between Montreal and its many students, naming the city one of the best in the world to be a student.

Out of 50 cities from around the globe, Montreal received the number 8 spot, ahead of Seoul and (take that) Toronto, moving up from last year's #9 ranking. The ranking were created using information compiled by QS, with cities scored on student mix, affordability, desirability, academic standards, and job prospects. Montreal got its best score in the 'student mix' category, having such a diverse student population, and the lowest in affordability, with a total score of 380/500.

Within the QS write-up, Montreal was praised for its "distinctly hybrid culture," citing the city's independant music scene and the many international festivals hosted here. Interestingly ommitted is the yearly student tradition that is Frosh, which is largely unseen in other cities, but given how QS is trying to be academic about everything, it makes sense they wouldn't mention an event where new students get wasted for 5 days, despite how much students love the tradition.

The only North American city to rank higher than Montreal was Boston at #6, with Paris and Melbourne taking the number one and two spots, respectively. Check out the top ten list below, and head over to the formal Montreal student-breakdown by QS here and the full list here.

1. Paris, France

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. London, England

4. Sydney, Australia

5. Hong Kong

6. Boston, US

7. Tokyo, Japan

8. Montreal, Canada

9. Toronto, Canada

10. Seoul, South Korea

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