Montreal Ranked #9 Smartest City In The World

This city is sexy and smart.
Montreal Ranked #9 Smartest City In The World

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There are many ways to be 'smart,' a fact true of cities just as much as it is for people. Intelligence can come in many forms, especially when its comes to a metropolises many features. Fast Company writer Boyd Cohen takes the initiative every year to analyze the world's leading "smart cities," and what makes them so innovative, with Montreal taking the 9th place Fast Company's 2014 list of The Smartest Cities In The World.

Cohen didn't create his ranking system based on the IQ of citizens or the number of educational institutions in a city. Instead, he used his self-designed system of 62 indicators, which "smart" environmental, government, economy, mobility, people and living forming the profile of a "smart city."

A survey was sent out by Cohen to 120 cities around the world to collect data on the aformentioned categories, to which only 11 actually completed, making the "top worldwide" ranking for Montreal a little less legit. Still, Montreal managed to get a number 9 ranking, which is nothing to scoff at.

Montreal was officially ranked as an "Emerging Smart City," a city on "the cusp of true innovation." The city scored best in the "smart living" category, with Montreal praised for its bike and car-sharing services, and its current and future public transit services. Hopefully Bixi will stay around, so we can maintain the smart-levels of the city.

See how Montreal stacked up against the other cities on the list by checking out the full rankings of Fact Company's list of The Smartest Cities in the World below.

  1. Barcelona
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Helsinki
  4. Singapore
  5. Vancouver
  6. Vienna
  7. Brisbane
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Montreal
  10. Bogota
  11. Lima

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