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Montreal Ranked Among Top "High-Tech Cities" In The World

We've got the startups to prove it.
Montreal Ranked Among Top "High-Tech Cities" In The World

Montreal is emerging as one of Canada’s leading city for tech and AI innovation. But the city’s technological impact isn’t limited to our nation’s borders. 

Montreal is one of the most high-tech cities in the entire world. 

That’s not some lofty, unsubstantiated claim, either. Research firm 2thinkknow, in collaboration with Business Insider and the World Economic Forum, compiled data on the cities around the globe, then listed out the most technologically advanced. 

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Cities were ranked on ten different weighted factors associated to technological development. Number of patents filed, the startups present, the presence of smart energy networks, and even the level of smartphone use are all factors used to rank the 85 cities included in the study. 

Once all the information was analyzed, twenty-five urban centres were chosen as “the most high-tech cities in the world.” And, again, Montreal made the list. 

At a respectable #18, Montreal was praised for its strong startup culture and innovation in the fields of wearable technology and virtual reality. Vrvana, Hexoskin, and OMSignal were all specifically mentioned in the short write-up for Montreal, all of which make apparel that tracks a wearer’s biometric signals. 

Other Canadian cities made the list, ranking higher than Montreal. Vancouver came in at #14 and Toronto scored a top-ten spot at #9. 

At the top of the list at #1 is, unsurprisingly, San Francisco. As the beating heart of North America’s tech scene, obviously San Fran would win out over everybody else. 

To see how Montreal placed in relation to the other cities on the list, see the full ranking here, or check out a bare-bones ranking below. 

25. Washington, DC
24. Barcelona, Spain
23. Copenhagen, Denmark
22. Hong Kong, China
21. Berlin, Germany
20. Shenzhen, China
19. Bangalore, India
18. Montreal, Canada
17. Shanghai, China
16. Beijing, China
15. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
14. Vancouver, Canada
13. Stockholm, Sweden
12. Tokyo, Japan
11. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
10. Chicago, Illinois
9. Toronto, Canada
8. Singapore
7. Boston, Massachusetts
6. Taipei, Taiwan
5. Seoul, South Korea
4. Los Angeles, California
3. London, England
2. New York, New York
1. San Francisco, California

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