Montreal Ranked Among Top Spring Break Destinations

Can you guess which spot we claimed on the list?
Montreal Ranked Among Top Spring Break Destinations

It's nearly spring break, and that means our city is about to be littered with a ton of American students all rushing to our bar scene to get their legal drink on. 

Montreal is easily a top travel destination in Canada - forever, and always. 

Even I flocked to Montreal in my younger years for some debaucherous fun and wild times... which eventually led to me calling this fine city home. 

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A U.S travel site ranked top destinations around the globe for spring breakers this year, and Montreal hits the number 3 spot on the list!

Surprising? Not likely. 

Montreal is easily one of the most eclectic cities in Canada. We have something for everyone.

Our Burlesque and Queer scenes are superior to the rest of Canada, and most of the U.S as well. 

We have some of the best restaurants in the world, and a multifaceted nightlife scene that extends well past the Old Port club circuits.

Combine that with our dollar exchange, and Montreal is easily one of the best and most affordable destinations for American vacationers. 

According to U.S News, Montreal is ranked as:

  • #3  -  Spring Vacations
  • #10 - Family Vacations in Canada
  • #11 - Best Places to Visit in Canada (what? 11? - I call shenanigans!)
  • #10 - Best Cheap Romantic Getaways
  • #17 - Best Fall Getaways.