Montreal Ranked For Longest Cancer Operation Wait Times In Canada

When your life is at risk no one deserves this.
Montreal Ranked For Longest Cancer Operation Wait Times In Canada

Montreal's hospital wait times have always been a bit of joke.

I remember breaking my hand a few years ago and by the time I actually saw a doctor, my bones had already started to set. Which means we had to break it again before putting a cast on.

That was fun. 

But that's kind of understandable because it wasn't a life threatening illness.

However when it comes to cancer surgery wait times, you would think we would try a little harder. But we don't.

Montreal's goal was supposed to ensure that anyone in need of cancer surgery gets it within 4 weeks. But not a single hospital has actually reached that goal.

What's really scary is that people are anxiously waiting for their surgery, but in the meantime, their cancer may worsen.

Only 54% of cancer surgeries were actually done on time in Montreal.

When we tried to find out how we compared to the rest of the country it got even scarier because as it turns out. We don't report our numbers and we have no established benchmark.

As for surgeries in general. We are the only province in the country that has shown absolutely no improvement whatsoever.

We may not be the absolute worse. But that's not exactly something we should be bragging about.

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