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Montreal Ranked #1 Best Beer City In Canada

Like you needed another reason to grab a brew.
Montreal Ranked #1 Best Beer City In Canada

Raise a glass of beer people, because not only is it mothertruckin' Friday, but we also have a very important accolade to celebrate this weekend: Montreal effectively being ranked the best beer city in Canada.

Now, note the specific phrasing right there, because technically this is more of an inferred ranking than a legit "someone important in the beer world actually said this" kind of thing.

But before you get miff'd about mild clickbait-ness or unjustified titling, let me explain, because no doubt you'll be calling Montreal Canada's best city for beer in a hot minute. Unless you already do, like you should anyway.

Last month, RateBeer, a website devoted to all things beer, released their annual "Best Awards for the year 2015" rankings. Tallying the scores of all of their numerous users, RateBeer then created a long list of beer-related rankings.

Categories included top beer retailers in the world, the best beers in the world, and the best beers in the world by type.

And who should consistently rank on said lists? None other than Montreal's Dieu du Ciel, getting top scores in a multitude of categories, including the three mentioned above.

Absent from RateBeer's Best Beer Awards was pretty much any other brewery in all of Canada.

So, given that a Montreal-based brewery was ranked as one of the best in the world, and no other Canadian brewery received such accreditation, we're making the logical conclusion that Montreal is, in fact, the best beer city in the nation.

Okay, in truth, two other Canadian breweries placed in the "top 100 brewers in the world" list, namely Belkoord brewery in Ontario and Brasserie Dunham in Dunham, Quebec. Still, neither brewery received nearly as many awards as DDC, and besides, Dunham is close enough to just say it's Montreal anyway.

Further demonstrating the greatness of DDC and Montreal as a beer city is RateBeer's "top beers in the world" rankings.

DDC was the only brewery in Canada to be placed on the list (which was organized alphebtically, thus no official placement) for their Aphrodisiaque, Péché Mortel, and Péché Mortel en Fût de Bourbon Américain brews.

Aside from being named one of the best brewers on the planet with the best beers, DDC's other accolades include:

  • #1 Best Stout in the world for Aphrodisiaque
  • 3rd best Germanic Style Sour Ales for d'Été aux Framboises
  • 12th Best Pale Lager for Le Trou du Diable / Dieu du Ciel La Divine Comédie
  • 15th Best pale Ale for The Alchemist Moralité

We have to say we're pretty proud of DDC's amazing brewing skills, and the beer'ing benefits we Montrealers receive from their world-class barley and hop creations. Because only in Montreal can you go to a venue, dep, or the actual DDC bar, and enjoy some of the best beer in Canada, and the world.

To check out the rest of RateBeer Best Awards, head to the website here.

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