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Montreal Ranked The #1 Most Reputable City In Canada

A new list confirms what we've always known.
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Montreal Ranked The #1 Most Reputable City In Canada

Canadian cities have a pretty good international reputation.

Despite a recent rise in violent crime and ever-increasing prices, cities in Canada are world-renowned for their accepting cultures, diversity, and thriving economies.

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Montreal in particular has long held the position in the public imagination as the most culturally vibrant city in the country.

Sure, Toronto can claim economic dominance and Vancouver has its stunning panoramas, but there is no streetscape more buzzing nor public calendar more packed than those of Montreal.

Indeed, Montreal is the unofficial festival capital of North America.

Well, a new ranking from the Reputation Institute backs up what Montrealers have long known in their hearts.

Montreal has secured its place as the number one most reputable city in Canada. It is also ranked as the tenth most reputable in the world!

Researchers examined cities by a number of criteria, including perceptions of their safety, beauty, and effective governance.

Ok, that last item might be a little questionable in Montreal. Though mayor Valérie Plante has made strides to make city policy more transparent and responsive to the needs of its citizens.

The new ranking gives Montrealers even more major bragging rights. Residents should take pride.

Though we should not let the ranking obscure real issues the city has yet to fully address, like homelessness, inaccessibility, and rising costs.

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