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Montreal Ranked Top 100 Most Photographed Cities In The World

The global picture-taking picture.
Montreal Ranked Top 100 Most Photographed Cities In The World

Photo cred - Gps Zoxcleb

Where you take pictures, and what you snap, is no longer a mystery, even on a global scale. Thanks to the wonders of technology/the website, the world's photo taking trends have been compiled, sorted, and ranked according to the most photographed.

Out of the world's top 100 most photographed cities, Montreal places 80th. New York tops the list at #1, with Rome and Barcelona taking the second and third spots.

Sightsmap gets its data from Panoramio, the Google-owned photo-sharing website that uses one's location and is often linked to Google Maps and Google Earth. Instagram and your many selfies weren't included in the data, making the numbers a little more suspect, so we shouldn't feel too bad about an 80th-ranking. At least Montreal placed in the top 100.

Montreal's landmarks are ranked according to photo-popularity as well, another cool feature to Sightsmap allowing you to find out the most photo'd sites in a specific city. Here are Montreal's top 10 most photographed areas, landmarks, and buildings:

  • 1. Place d'Armes
  • 2. Place Jaques-Cartier
  • 3. Mount Royal Chalet
  • 4. Parc Lineaire de la Commune
  • 5. Nelson's Column
  • 6. Biosphere
  • 7. Crystal Palace
  • 8. Bonsecours Market
  • 9. Belvédère Camillien-Houde
  • 10. Old Port

Some of these are a tad surprising, especially since a few aren't exactly regularly referenced icons of Montreal. Still, the numbers don't lie. See for yourself at

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