Montreal Ranked Top 30 Most Active Cities In The World

For a city that is covered in snow half the year this is good news.

Looking around Montreal, the city seems pretty fit. Runners are always on the go around Mount Royal, cyclists dominate the city, and there are always people walking about town, at least in summer. But, while Montreal does rank among the world's most active cities, in most respects, we barely make the cut.

Fitness tracking app Human compiled all of its data on a worldwide scale and then ranked each city in overall activity, then in specific fitness-related elements, such as time spent running. Below are the rankings, with the top two cities and Montreal's ranking included.

Most Active Cities Overall:

  • #1. Amsterdam
  • #2. Berlin
  • #29 Montreal

Top Cycling Cities:

  • #1. Amsterdam
  • #2. Copenhagen
  • #29. Montreal

Most Time Spent Running:

  • #1. Berlin
  • #2. Hongkong
  • #27. Montreal

Most Time Spent Walking:

  • #1. Washington
  • #2. Berlin
  • #29. Montreal

Most Time Spent in Cars/Public Transport:

  • #1. Los Angeles
  • #2. Montreal
  • #3. Portland

Surprising, no? Of course, Montreal ranking among all of the world's cities is quite the feat, but the fact that we rank so low on lists like cycling and walking is kind of disappointing. Still, if we factor in winter, when almost nobody is biking and leisurely walking around, the data makes a bit more sense.

We do place second in time spent in cars and public transport, which doesn't seem too great, but I think Montreal falls under the bus/metro end of things rather than the "sitting in a car all the time" end.

The data used by Human doesn't track time spent in the gym, which is worth noting, as it only tracks daily routines, so all of Montreal's gym bunnies aren't adding to our overall activity level. All in all, doesn't really matter where we wank, as long as we're pretty. And that we are.

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