Montreal Ranked Top 40 Of World's Most Impressive "Second Cities"

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Size matters, at least when it comes to gaining the title of "first city" in a nation. The most populated metropolis in Canada is Toronto, and even though we all know Montreal is far superior in every way, the numbers don't lie. Thus, Montreal is technically a "second city" but that's okay, because we're one of the best.

In a ranking of The World's Most Impressive Second Cities, the Matador Network compiled a list of 40 urban municipalities from around the globe, with Montreal getting the modest #32 spot. Not the number 1 we'd all assume Montreal should get, but at least we made the list.

Here's what the Matador Network had to say about Montreal in their write up:

"With the largest GDP in Quebec, and the second largest in Canada, Montreal is a powerhouse of a second city. Named after the tri-peaked Mount Royal at the center of the city, its 1,649,519 inhabitants make this the eighth largest city in North America."

To see how Montreal stacked up against all the other "second cities" check out the 1-40 rankings below, and head to the full article here.

1. Yokohama, Japan

2. Cork, Ireland

3. Gothenburg, Sweden

4. Ankara, Turkey

5. Bergen, Norway

6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7. Rotterdam, Netherlands

8. Kosice, Slovakia

9. Busan, South Korea

10. Porto, Portugal

11. Krakow, Poland

12. Quito, Ecuador

13. Milan, Italy

14. St. Petersburg, Russia

15. Melbourne, Australia

16. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

17. Damascus, Syria

18. Cordoba, Argentina

19. Durban, South Africa

20. Hamburg, Germany

21. Marseille, France

22. Guadalajara, Mexico

23. Beijing, China

24. Alexandria, Egypt

25. Delhi, India

26. Antwerp, Belgium

27. Los Angeles, United States

28. Aarhus, Denmark

29. Tel Aviv, Israel

30. Geneva, Switzerland

31. Hanoi, Vietnam

32. Montreal

33. Medellin, Colombia

34. Manila, Philippines

35. Arequipa, Peru

36. Rabat, Morocco

37. Wellington, New Zealand

38. Barcelona, Spain

39. Mombasa, Kenya

40. Maracaibo, Venezuela

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