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Montreal Ranked Top City In The World For Students

A bright future for the city!
Montreal Ranked Top City In The World For Students

Montreal has always been known as a city made for students.

From our numerous universities to chic cafés, amazing nightlife and incredible year-round events, its no wonder why young people keep moving here.

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But as a student, you'd probably want to know where the most student-friendly cities are before you made the decision to pack your bags and move away from home. 

Fear not! You will not have to go as far as you think. According to the QS Best Student City Rankings, Montreal hits the charts at #4.

To come up with the results, each city is divided into six categories: university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity, affordability, and student view.

Each category is then ranked on its own, which helps analysts discover what aspects of the city may concern students.

Via QS Best Student Cities

When all categories were combined together into one ranking, Montreal was able to secure a spot at #4. In terms of the affordability rank, our city definitely out shines the #1 student city on the list (London) as well as many others. 

In the student view category, believe it or not, Montreal actually came in first place! There you have it, we are officially the only city you'll want to live in as a student.

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If Montreal continues to grow and evolve, there's no doubt that we'll eventually make that #1 stop on the list. As for now, being #4 sounds pretty fantastic! 

Way to go, Montreal! The students have spoken and they love it here!


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