Montreal Ranked Top City In The World For Students

A new survey proves our city is in the top percentile.
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Montreal Ranked Top City In The World For Students

A survey by appjobs.comshows that Montreal is in the top five student destinations in the world. The poll analyzed the most common student hubs in the world and ranked them according to factors that are important for students. 

The data studies average rent, the number of universities available, the number of part-time jobs, the number of concerts, and the average price of a pint of beer. Since this is a British company, the data was tracked in pounds, but I'll do the conversions for your convenience. 

According to the results, Montreal comes in at the fifth best city for students after cities such as Prague, Moscow, Berlin, and Beijing. Taipei, Manchester, Tokyo, Vienna, and Seoul round out the top 10. 

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Compared to other cities in the top five, Montreal is one of the best in terms of part-time job availability, rent price, and beer price. This should come as no surprise to most students in the city.

The data claims that Montreal has roughly 1,746 part-time jobs available, the average cost of rent hovers between $800-$900, and that the cost of a pint of beer is $7.15 on average. 

Now, some of you might be thinking that the number of part-time jobs that the survey claims Montreal has is not accurate. Keep in mind, however, that the research was conducted in England. So maybe they haven't factored in the bilingual factor that makes it difficult for anglophones or other unilingual people to get jobs.

The study also says that Montreal has three major universities: McGill, Concordia, and UdeM.

This could definitely be an oversight, though because they didn't factor in UQAM or any of the smaller schools and CEGEPs.  

For students who are keen on drinking beer, Montreal is probably the best destination for you if you're planning on studying in North America.

There's no competing with Prague when it comes to beer prices though, as the average price of a pint there is $2.14 Canadian. 

Rent is another key element that Montreal excels in. With rent prices among the lowest in all of Canada, it's no surprise that many students choose Montreal for their studies. (The impending rental crisis might throw a wrench into that, though.)

To read the full report, check out

Which city surprises you the most? 


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