Montreal Ranked Top "Most Unsafe City" In Canada

Montreal is seen as one of the most unsafe cities in Canada, at least by other Canadians, a new nation-wide poll has found. 

The poll, conducted by Mainstreet Research, asked Canadians which of Canada's major 15 cities are the most dangerous.

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Montreal ranked within the top three. 

Behind Toronto (#2) and Winnipeg (#1), Montreal is seen as Canada's most unsafe city. 

But in reality, that's far from the case. 

One of the goals of the poll was to compare "perceived" safety, so what people think about a city, versus the "actual" safety index, using crime-related information from the latest 2016 StatsCan census. 

When looking at the concrete data, Montreal actually has the third lowest crime rate of Canada's 15 major cities. In fact, according to information used within the poll's accompanying report, Montreal's crime rate has actually gone down. 

A comparison between Vancouver and Montreal is used in the Mainstreet – Safe and Unsafe Cities 2017 report. 

42 homicides took place in Montreal in 2016. 41 took place in Vancouver. 

And yet, only "45% of Canadians say Montreal is safe compared to 53% who say the same about Vancouver” notes the report. 

The amount of media coverage on crime is cited as a possible reason for the discrepancy between perceived and actual safety. 

In a city like Montreal or Toronto, where many media outlets exist, "a single violent crime...could have dozens of media mentions." 

These reports can then spawn thousands of social media shares, creating an "amplification effect" unseen in smaller Canadian cities. 

So while it seems like there's a lot of crime going on in Montreal, due to media attention, the reality is quite the opposite. 

For a full breakdown of Canada's safest cities from most safe to most unsafe, as perceived by Canadians, take a look at the full rankings below. 

1. Ottawa 
2. Charlottetown
3. Victoria
4. Moncton
5. St. John’s 
6. Edmonton 
7. Halifax 
8. Vancouver 
9. Regina 
10. Calgary
11. Quebec City
12. Saskatoon
13. Montreal 
14. Winnipeg
15. Toronto