Montreal Ranked Worst Major City To Find A Job In Canada

No one really needs a reminder that finding a job isn't the easiest thing to do in Montreal, but hey, we don't control the news, so here goes: according to the Bank of Montreal's Regional Labour Market Report Card, Montreal is pretty much the worst Canadian city to find a job.

Let's not get too down on ourselves, however, because most of Canada didn't do too hot in terms of economic growth recently, save for British Columbia, and Ontario to a lesser extent.

The former province enjoyed an employment-rate increase of 4.9&, adding to a 60.6% total (creating 110,000 new jobs, a vast majority of the 144k created in the entire country) with the latter province getting second place for provincial job-growth with 1.4%.

Our fair province ranked 6th overall in comparison to other province's labour markets, experiencing a decline in employment by 0.2%. According to the report, Quebec now has an unemployment rate of 7.5%, an employment rate of 59.6%, and a median wage of $21/hour.

Unfortunately, Montreal didn't rank all that high in the section of the report that focused on Canadian cities. In BMO's City Labour Market Performance Ranking, Montreal placed 25th out of 33. None of Canada's other major metropolitan areas (or cities with a population of 500k) ranked so low on the list.

That places Montreal behind Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec City, St. John's, and even Regina when it comes to the labour market.

Take Montreal's ranking with a grain of salt, however, as the city did experience an increase in employment by about 1%. According to BMO's report, Montreal now has an unemployment rate of 8.4% and an employment rate of 60.7%. Only four other cities were found to  have as high an unemployment rate (if not higher) than Montreal's.

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