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Montreal Ranked "Worst Place To Live" In Canada In 2017

Oh Montreal, we love you, but apparently not everyone feels the same way. 

In MoneySense's yearly rankings of Canada's best places to live, the finance website placed Montreal near the very bottom of the list. 

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Out of the 417 Canadian cities, both small and large, included in the 2017 list, Montreal ranked an abysmal 356th. 

That's quite a jump from last year, where Montreal had the mildly-better ranking of 161st. 

No other major Canadian city ranked lower than Montreal, making the city's placement on the list all the more embarrassing. Well, Montreal was above Saint John (375th) but let's not get too pumped about that. 

Montreal didn't even rank in the top ten of best places to live in Quebec. Ouch. 

To put things in perspective, MoneySense's "Canada's Best Places To Live 2017" ranking system is largely focused on economic factors. 

Thirty-six categories of varying weight were used to assess each Canadian city's livability, such as unemployment rate, taxes, income, crime, access to health care, and transportation. 

Economically speaking, Montreal isn't doing so hot, which definitely impacted the city's low score and ranking. 

On the upside, if you change around the weight of each umbrella category, Montreal fairs better. Placing "Arts & Culture" and "Transit" as the categories with the most weight puts Montreal at a modest 11th place. 

To further lessen our collective hatred with MoneySense for ranking our fair city so low, it's worth noting that, when it comes to the best cities in Canada to walk, bike, or take transit, Montreal ranked in the top ten. 

At least the city is getting some credit. 

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