Montreal Restaurant Day 2014 Is Next Week

24 hours to celebrate this city's best of the best.
Montreal Restaurant Day 2014 Is Next Week

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Opening a restaurant is a dream held by many of us, myself included. Unfortunately, in reality, opening a resto is a gigantic commitemment, one that will eat away at your wallet, hours of sleep, and your soul itself. Operating a restaurant doesn't have to be such a longstanding ordeal in Montreal, though, thanks to Restaurant Day, where anyone can open up an eatery for a single Saturday.

A city-wide pop-up restaurant event, Restaurant Day is all about giving normal citizens the chance to have the experience of running a resto, if only for a day. The rules are pretty simple, just choose your location (anthing from your living room to an alleyway), create a menu, then sign up on the Restaurant Day website and you'll be registered for the event.

Come November 15th, you then feed the masses of Montreal your special menu straight from your ephemeral restaurant. All of y'all who aren't the resto-type can just head to all the pop-up eateries and try out foods you can only get in Montreal for a single day.

24 restos are already registered for Montreal's Restuarant Day celebrations, featuring a truly diverse set of menus. Korean bibimap, English pub food, and Italian lasagna are but a sample of the foods you can eat come next (or is that next, next?) Saturday, check them all out here.

A global iniative, Montreal's Restaurant Day will occur on Saturday November 15th. Learn more by heading to the Facebook event page and official Restaurant Day website here.

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