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Montreal Restaurant Gets Butter Chicken Poutine

Lobby Bar's new summer menu is changing the bar food game.
Montreal Restaurant Gets Butter Chicken Poutine

Photo cred - Benoit Vermette

Where can you grab delicious drinks, butter chicken poutine and dance all night? Lobby Bar, located in the Plateau might just become your new go- to spot. They just launched their new menu and it's out of this world. Good food, great music, drink specials and a dance floor that will keep you moving all night long, this place is one of our new favorites.

Lobby Bar's menu launch includes a whole lot of delicious eats. The butter chicken poutine is definitely one worth trying. Fries, cheese curds, gravy and chicken that's glazed in a sweet butter sauce- can you ask for anything better?

Their tandoor oven cooked fish is also on our list of top menu items at Lobby Bar. Lobby Bar's menu also offers Bhaji onions (served with an avocado based dipping sauce), fish tacos and other mouth- watering plates like their avocado shrimps.

It doesn't stop there. While Lobby Bar's menu is influenced by Indian cuisine, their kitchen also serves the classics such as burgers, pizza and steak fries.

Lobby Bar's kitchen isn't the only highlight of this Plateau gem. Their bartenders sure know how to stir up quite the cocktail. Served in authentic mason jars, their cocktails come in about any and every type, color and flavor you can think of. Oh, and they can get pretty creative!

Whether you're looking for a spot to dine, grab some tapas & a drink, dance the night away, or maybe do all three, we suggest hitting up Montreal's new and improved Lobby Bar, located at 4538 Papineau, at the corner of Mont- Royal.

Be sure to CHECK OUT Lobby Bar's menu and FOLLOW them for event updates.

Will you be trying their butter chicken poutine?

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