Montreal Restaurant Now Sells "Chocolate Bomb" Desserts

Prepare yourselves for this one.
Montreal Restaurant Now Sells "Chocolate Bomb" Desserts

Alright, show of hands: who here remembers rainbow bagels? All of you should be waving your hands proudly in the air right now, because I'm pretty sure everyone's still enjoying those doughy circles of magic.

But the time has come to pass the torch on to a new food trend. (Except we're still loving Montreal's rainbow bagels, so maybe they can share a torch?) Like most people on the internet, my feed lately has been filled with videos of decadent melted chocolate being poured over a sphere of solid chocolate. When the solid chocolate melts, it reveals even more delicious treasures from its centre - in other words, there's some choco-ception going on right here.

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Now, I'm not that much of a chocolate person, but every time I see one of these videos, I have to lay down for a minute. I get so mad that I'm not currently consuming this actual sphere of happiness that I actually have to take a minute and pull myself together. But no more, friends. No more. I've discovered a place where you can go in Montreal to enjoy this delicious chocolate bomb dessert.

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C'ChoColat (1255 Rue Bishop) is a chocolate shop in downtown Montreal. According to their Instagram, their "C'Wow" dessert consists of a half-sphere made of dark chocolate, melted with hot caramel to reveal brownies, mixed berries, pecans, ice cream, and other goodies.

If this sounds like your next dessert fave, check out their Instagram post below, and don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more information.

C'WOW Now available at C'ChôColat. 70% dark chocolate dome filled with pieces of our delicious Liege waffle, brownie, gelato, crumble, mixed berries, and pecans. Warm caramel sauce will melt the dome and, surely, your heart! #cchocolat #livemontreal #mtlblog #livemontreal #mtl #montreal #chocolat #chocolate #caramel #wow

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