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Montreal Restaurant Now Sells General Tao Poutine

Your prayers have finally been answered.
Montreal Restaurant Now Sells General Tao Poutine

General Tao poutine, it seems like a simple enough idea. All you gotta do is take 2 delicious food items and combine them to create a powerhouse of deliciousness.

But there's one big problem with this dish which is why it is extremely rare:

For this meal to work, you need a great poutine paired with expertly made General Tao chicken. But poutine places don't make General Tao (And if they did, we probably wouldn't risk eating it) and Asian restaurants don't make poutine.

Sadly, it seemed like these foods were from two completely different worlds (Like Romeo and Juliette), and the two were were never destined to meet.

Until now...

An Asian restaurant in the Atwater market called Sesame actually serves this mythical dish. And just by looking at these pictures, anyone can see they pulled it off.  Now all you need to do is head over there and try it yourself.

Check out Sesame's website for more information.

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