Montreal Restaurant Now Sells "Nutella Sushi Crepes"

Three of the tastiest dishes combined to make pure mouth magic.

Guys, I'm about to combine the three greatest words in the English language to form one sentence of pure awesome.

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Make sure you're sitting down for this.

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You can now get Nutella sushi crepes in Montreal.

What exactly are Nutella sushi crepes?

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Well, they're morsels of happiness, wrapped in pure joy, and drizzled in the tears of literal angels.

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Okay, not really, but they might as well be.

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Served at Montreal's C'ChoColat (1255 Rue Bishop), a restaurant specializing in some seriously awesome desserts, this dish consists of bananas, rolled in a Nutella-filled crepe, and then drizzled with Nutella. I know, you guys. I know.

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Sound like the coolest dish ever? Then check out C'ChoColat on Facebook for more information.

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