Montreal Restaurant Now Sells “White Chocolate Pizza”

A unique and delicious spin on a tasty dessert.

Friends, I don't know what on this earth could possibly be tastier than chocolate pizza.

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It's basically a combination of two of the world's tastiest treats: chocolate, and pizza. (Obviously).

Although there's literally no such thing as a terrible chocolate pizza, every time some new variation of this delicious dessert comes along, I think it's absolutely something that should be celebrated.

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Like, for example, the white chocolate strawberry pizza newly served at Montreal's Cacao 70. And yes, friends, even though white chocolate might not technically be chocolate... it doesn't matter. It's still delicious AF.

Served up at every single Cacao 70 location in Montreal starting on February 6 until the 19, this doughy delight is served up on a base of creamy white chocolate, topped with fresh, juicy strawberries, and then drizzled with more white chocolate.

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New dessert BFF? Found.

For more information, check out Cacao 70's Facebook page.

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