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Montreal Restaurants That Serve You The Most Authentic Foods

According to people born outside of Montreal.
Montreal Restaurants That Serve You The Most Authentic Foods

Photo cred - nashvilletnhomesforsale

Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada. With all these places competing to survive it's no wonder some might choose to Westernize their dishes in order to appeal to the masses. That makes it very difficult to find a restaurant that has remained authentic.

A recent thread on reddit has addressed this problem by asking Montrealers born outside of Canada, which restaurants serve the most authentic foods from their home countries. Here's what they came up with.

1. Cambodian: Marche Kei Phat

"It's as if I'm eating at home" - encapsulationdot1q

2. Portuguese : Braseiro

"If people tell you Romados, they are not Portuguese - dj_orka99

3. Australian: Ta Pies

"Amazing Aussie pies" - whidzee

4. El Salvador: Iris

"Known for a food called pupusas. Funny name but tastes great" - camilos

Photo cred - nashvilletnhomesforsale

5. Mexican: Le petit coin du Méxique

"Their tacos al pastor are the real deal." - iqaluit

6. Ukrainian: La Caverne

"Nice place that has most common U.S.S.R.-ish cuisine staples" - infinis

7. British: Brit & Chips

"The most amazing fish n chip I ever had!" - Mad_Ace

8. Venezuelan: La Arepera

"It's the most authentic Venezuelan food you'll find. No adaptation to the Quebecois market bullshit." - solidquaker2

9. Pakistani: Sana

According to - Minimuscle

Photo cred - maroush

10. Lebanese: Abu Elias

"I have yet to find a restaurant that offers Lebanese food other than grillades." - jado06

11. Polish: Cracovie

"It's got a nice Polish decor and feel as well." - the_gubernaculum

12. Korean: Chez Hwang

"For their soups and stews especially." - TheGeneralTao

13. Colombian: Tardes Caleñas

"It really is great and feels like eating at home." - dfgh72

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