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Restaurants Where Celebrities Eat When They Visit Montreal

Let's face it, they know all the best spots to eat at.
Restaurants Where Celebrities Eat When They Visit Montreal

Montreal is known to attract a lot of A-list Hollywood celebrities when they're shooting a movie in our wonderful city or are visiting for Grand Prix F1 festivities like other regular tourists. I think that Montreal is much more celebrity friendly than, let's say, New York city, where celebrities can't leave their hotel rooms without being harassed by paparazzis. I personally bumped into numerous celebrities in Montreal who were just casually strolling the streets of Downtown and Old Port like any other non-famous human beings.


3518 Boul St-Laurent

Legendary restaurant/club located on St-Laurent street has seen plenty of celebs over the years. Just to give you a little example, that's Justin Bieber, ladies. Hyperventilation mode: ON.



438 Place Jacques Cartier

Harlow has welcomed a lot of celebs this summer: Kylie Jenner, Scott Disick, Gigi Hadid, Dan Bilzerian... Here's a photo of Joe Jonas and restaurant's co-owner Brahms Yaiche.


Estiatorio Milos

5357 Av du Parc

Estiatorio Milos is a famous Greek restaurant that has welcomed a more than an average amount of hot celebs. Mike Meyers seemed to really enjoy his dinner and company.


Photo cred - Jessmidlash

Garde Manger

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Garde Manger is a happening spot in the Old Montreal area where I've personally witnessed a whole bunch of famous people casually enjoying dinner and drinks without being bothered by anyone. Here's a photo I found of Jenson Button, a very handsome Formula 1 driver.


La Queue de Cheval

1181 Rue de la Montagne

This Montreal famous steakhouse is a professional celebrity host. That's Pitbull posing with the restaurant's manager earlier this year.



1232 Rue de la Montagne

This trendy downtown resto-bar is a go-to celebrity spot thanks to its convenient proximity to Bell centre. The photo above illustrates the best day of my life - I got to meet and have dinner with Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, yeah...



1504 Rue Sherbrooke O

Bice is known for fine Italian dining and frequent celebrity sightings. Here's UFC champion Georges St-Pierre recently spotted at the restaurant.



1184 Place Phillips

Jatoba is a refined modern eatery serving Asian inspired dishes. As for the photo - I just had to post it... because I know y'all will appreciate this. Justin Trudeau and his wife seem to really like Jatoba.


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