Montreal Road Closures Are Going To Be So Bad This Weekend You Might As Well Stay Home

The construction holiday is not over quite yet. Traffic and road closures are currently at an all-time high, causing everyone to lose their minds right about now. This is probably a really good weekend to explore what the city has to offer within walking distance, because at this rate trying to drive anywhere in the city that isn't congested and full of major back-ups is completely impossible.

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This holiday is the busiest time of the year in the city, and although the two-week-long living hell is almost over, it seriously does not look like it. Your best bet is to cancel any travelling for now, but if you really need to get on the road you'll want some help navigating around the worst areas in the city. Just make sure you leave for your trip extra early if you want to make it on time.

Here's a list of this weekend's major closures:

Highway 15

  • The highway is closed between interchange Turcot and highway 40
  • Northbound between exit 63 — for Highway 20 West — and the entrance to Édouard-Montpetit Boulevard
  • Northbound from De La Vérendrye Boulevard is closed
  • The access ramp linking Highway 15, southbound, with Highway 720, eastbound is completely closed
  • The access ramp linking Highway 15, southbound, with Highway 20, westbound is closed
  • Exit 64 for Sherbrooke from highway 15 northbound closes this weekend and won't open until the end of October


  • The Bonaventure Expressway is closed in both directions from 10PM this Friday until 5AM on Monday

Highway 720

  • The access ramp linking A-720 westbound with highway 15 northbound is closed all weekend
  • The westbound on-ramp from Lucien-L'Allier is completely closed
  • The westbound on-ramp from Rue Fort is completely closed
  • Westbound exit 2 is completely closed
  • Ave. Greene is completely closed between St-Antoine and Blvd. Dorchester in both directions

Highway 20

  • The access ramp linking A-20 eastbound with A-15 northbound is closed all weekend
  • Access ramp from A-20 to R-138 east is completely closed
  • Access to A-20 westbound from 32nd Avenue is closed every weekend night after 10PM
  • Eatbound between exit 62 and St-Pierre interchange is completely closed every weekend night after 10PM

Décarie Expressway

  • One of the two lanes at the Turcot Interchange will be closed
  • Between the Turcot and NDG tunnel one of the three lanes will be closed
  • The Sherbrooke Street entrance onto the Décarie Expressway will be closed until next month


  • Complete closure in both directions between Notre-Dame and Saint-Jacques

Highway 40

  • Westbound between exit 70 and Blvd. Cavendish is completely closed every weekend night after midnight


  • Only one lane open each way between Décarie Blvd. and Saint-Rémi
  • The street is closed between Girouard Ave. and Rue de Courcelle in both directions

Route 138

  • Westbound access to A-20 west is completely closed

De La Côte-Saint-Paul

  • Eastbound between Monk Blvd. and Phillipe-Lalonde is completely closed


  • Complete closure on the ramp from A-13 northbound to A-40 westbound
  • Complete closure on the ramp from A-13 southboud to A-40 eastbound

Le Sud-Ouest

  • Eastbound in the exit 4, the access ramp to A-15 south is completely closed
  • The entrance from De La Vérendrye Blvd. to A-15 southbound is closed completely
  • Complete closure in Turcot Interchange, from A-15 northbound to A-15 (Décarie)

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