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Montreal Is Hosting A "Salsa Festival" This Spring

No, not the dip.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Salsa Festival" This Spring

No style of dance is quite as sexy and alluring as salsa. A musical fusion of Latin American cultures, salsa as a dance form is simply sensuous in every respect and watching a performance only makes you wish you could move your body like a salsa dancer.

Come mid-May, you'll get the chance to learn (or at least watch the salsa pros do their thing) during the 12th annual Montreal Salsa Convention, a downtown festival devoted to all-things salsa.

Over the course of Victoria Day weekend, Montreal will become a mecca for salsa during the 5-day festival. So much salsa will be packed into the event, with free dance classes, mind-shattering performances, and competition showcases all to be experienced, with more on the set-list.

If you've ever wanted to salsa dance, this is probably your best chance, as world-renowned performers will be in the city to help you hone your skills at special workshops. Of course, dancing isn't for everyone, but the festival's salsa-spectacles will be more than worth to attend the event.

The Montreal Salsa Convention will begin on May 18th and run 'til May 22nd. For more details and a full listing of events at the festival, head over to the official website.

And if you just can't wait until then to get your salsa groove on, Espace des Arts hosts a weekly salsa party every Thursday. Details here.

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