Photo cred - Montréal dans ta pipe

Like anything, the city of Montreal has evolved over the years. The buildings are bigger, the cars are faster, and the lights are brighter. But Christmas has always been a constant in the city. It’s a time to come together and marvel at the sights and sounds of the holiday season. The decorations may have gotten more elaborate as time went by, but Montrealers continue to embrace this time of year and celebrate Christmas like only we can.

Youtuber CapitaineMontreal has compiled a video showcasing Christmas in Montreal with black and white footage dating from the 50’s, and scenes from modern day. From the busy streets of St-Catherine and the Ogilvy storefront, to the crowds of Christmas shoppers in the Eaton’s Center and Complexe Desjardins, to decorating the ol’ Christmas tree with the family, the video takes us back in time to relive some Montreal Christmas magic, and a seriously creepy Santa, then and now.

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