Montreal Says "Fvck It" And Will Show "The Interview" Anyways

Unless you've been living under a rock without WiFi, you've no doubt heard about the controversy surrounding the newest Franco-Rogen film "The Interview." The film centers on 2 American journalists trying to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and has since been pulled from theatres following an online terrorist threat from a North Korean hacker group.

Sony and all known major cinemas have complied, and The Interview has been all but removed from any screen, but that may not be the case in Montreal. One Montrealer refuses to give in to the demands of terrorists and has set up a screening of The Interview "for freedom of expression!"

Anthony Kantara is the man behind the Montreal screening-protest, believing the decision to pull the film is an affront to freedom of expression. Following in the footsteps of a similar Toronto event, Kantara is adamant in screening the film, though there will be a few hurdles.

Right now, a copy of The Interview has yet to be obtained, nor has a venue been set, nor a ticket price. Despite all that, Kantara is "willing to try [to screen the film] for the sake of freedom of expression" and hopes if enough people get on board and support the event, someone may be convinced to provide the film.

A tentative date for the Montreal screening of The Interview has been chosen: January 14th, 2015. To get all the details, support the initiative, and get involved, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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