Montreal Set To Break Record For Biggest Human Smiley Face In The World Next Week

The time has come to create the happiest of all symbols, the zenith of gleeful images, a face with the largest grin of all will be the one smiley face to rule them all.

Couldn't resist the LOTR nerd-out there, but for serious, Le Sablon beach and camping is organizing an event to create the world's largest smiley face on Saturday, July 19th, and your help is needed to fill out the face.

The smiley face to beat, or the current Guiness World Record, is held by ITM University in India, who created a smiley face 43.5 meters in diameter, made from 3, 737 participants.

Another feather in Montreal's Guinness World Record cap is always a good thing, so head on over to the event's website, register your spot, then head over to Le Sablon on the 19th to become one with the collective smiley face. Draws for prizes (like helicopter tours) will also be part of the event, even more incentive to help break the record.

Get smiling on July 19th at Le Sablon, and check out the FB event page for any updates.

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