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Montreal Set To Break Record For Largest Mojito In The World Today

Santos Tapas Bar is busting out all of the limes and rum.
Montreal Set To Break Record For Largest Mojito In The World Today

Santos, Montreal's Old Port tapas bar renowned for their amazing 5a7's and many mojitos, is celebrating its 7th anniversary in a huge way. Montrealers know the bar for its mojitos, but soon the world will too, as Santos will attempt to create the world's largest mojito on Monday, July 7th the date of its 7th birthday.

To break the mojito-record, Santos will have to make a mojito that has over 2, 100 litres of liquid cocktail, the size of the current record-mojito set in August 2012. Their mack-daddy of a mojito had 300 litres of rum, 120 kg brown sugar, 25 kg mint, 240 kg lime, 1,200 kg ice and 600 litres sparking water. Looks like Santos has its work cut out for them.

In preparation for Santos' 7th anniversary/attempt at a world record, the bar is creating its own custom glass, a giant one fit to hold the macro-mojito. Lucille's Oyster Bar is also partaking in the event, providing oysters and snacks to go along with all the drank that's going to be concocted.

A birthday wouldn't be complete without a cake, and Santos is delivering on that front too. A giant bday cake will be baked to go along with the monstrous mojito, and a special anniversary menu will also be served. To keep the energy alive, DJs A-Rock & Shaydakiss will be combo-spinning at the event.

Cake + food + music + a mega-mojito of record breaking proportions all add up to one sexy anniversary party. Be sure to head to Santos' FB page for any and all updates.

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