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Montreal Should Have A Free Mobile Laundry Service For The Homeless

A fresh initiative the city needs.
Montreal Should Have A Free Mobile Laundry Service For The Homeless

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The homeless population of any city consistently experience many daily hardships, many of which aren't very obvious. Major issues like shelter and food are known by all, but  the smaller challenges homeless people must face aren't always the most talked about issues, such as personal hygiene. To make society more aware of the latter issue, while actively trying to solve the problem, two 20 year old Australians have created a new not-for-profit service to help the homeless live a cleaner lifestyle with the country's first mobile laundry service exclusively for the homeless.

Titled Orange Sky Laundry (inspired by Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch) the mobile laundry service was created to "harness the energy of the 18-30 year olds who are not given an easy outlet for their desires to help people in need" while improving the overall hygiene standards of Australia's homeless. Launched in July, the volunteer service has been actively helping out the homeless in a way most wouldn't think of.

Repurposing a van into a moving laundromat, the two young Australians equipped two 10kg washer and dryers into their car, allowing for 20kg of laundry to be done every hour. Using linen bags and their own coordination system, Orange Sky Laundry is able to wash a variety of clothes from multiple persons, without mixing anything up.

Not your typical "charity," Orange Sky Laundry proves you just need a little bit of creativity and a lot of determination to help aid the underprivileged in society. Hopefully some like-minded young folks in Montreal are inspired by Orange Sky Laundry, as the city's homeless could definitely use a free mobile laundry service.

You can learn more bout Orange Sky Laundry by heading to their Facebook page and official website here.

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