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Montreal Should Have A "Women Only" Taxi Service

This may be what the city needs.
Montreal Should Have A "Women Only" Taxi Service

Photo cred - Enzo Pastorelli

One city is responding to the grossly large amount of sexual assaults on female taxi riders in a much more proactive way. To better ensure the safety of all female passengers, a fleet of taxis exclusively for women, and helmed by female drivers, is being introduced. Unfortunately, this city is not Montreal

In Melbourne, Australia, a new taxi initiative catering to the female populace is planning to roll out onto streets, called the Taxi Link, reports Telegraph.

The concept, created by Harry Katsiabanis, came in the wake of multiple reported cases of sexual assaults performed by cab drivers, with female passengers being the unfortunate victims. Katsiabanis believes, with a fleet of taxis driven only by women, a more "comfortable environment" for women in the city.

To launch Taxi Link, Katsiabanis will need to hire 50 female taxi drivers, who will be driving all pink cabs, so as to better distinguish the fleet from standard taxis. That'll be the first major hurdle for the project, though far from impossible to overcome.

With women behind the wheel of a taxi, the likelihood of aggressive sexual behavior forced upon a female passenger is far less likely, at least that is Katsiabanis' theory, and we're inclined to agree. A woman is fully capable of sexually assaulting another woman, yes, though a female driver is more likely to empathize with the passenger, female or otherwise.

The recent media coverage and controversy of Montreal women being sexually assaulted by male cab drivers makes this taxi initiative incredibly relevant, and applicable, to the city's current situation. An all female cab service would provide a safer service to women, although it wouldn't solve the root problem. Still, women in Montreal deserve to feel safe in a taxi cab, and a fleet of taxis driven only by women may be the best solution, for now.

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