Thousands Of Montrealers Took Over Downtown To Support Paris (18 Photos)

It has been a tragic week for the people of the world, seeing a series of violent terrorists attacks occur in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Countless now left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

We are so lucky to be largely sheltered from much of the turmoil that goes on everyday, and are free to live safe from fear. However, terrorism does not discriminate and continues to find a way to affect us all in various ways.

The attacks in Paris, while by no means an isolated incident, brought the terror home for many of us, made tangible (for better or worse) by mainstream media. A glimpse at the horrors so common elsewhere, yet rarely talked about.

With a large French population residing here in Quebec, Montreal was unquestionably rocked when the news broke out about Paris. In a great show of support for the victims and all those touched by the events, thousands of you gathered this past Saturday for a peaceful vigil on the corner of McGill College, in the downtown core.

Local Montreal photographer Nico Lepiller was there and beautifully captured not only the heartache, but also the true spirit of solidarity present in this city.

View more of Nico's work on his website and Facebook Page.

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