Montreal Sidewalks Will Be Less Slippery This Winter Season

Slipping on an icy sidewalk is a grim reality during a Montreal winter. Try as you may to avoid a cold tumble onto the ground, there’s almost nothing you can do when the sidewalk is a frosted over sheet of slippery ice. 

But this year, in response to the recent holiday snowfall, the City of Montreal is taking extra measures to ensure the city’s sidewalks have some actual traction. 

In an interview with CJAD, Philippe Sabourin, a spokesperson for the City of Montreal, promised that winter-time street maintenance would involve doubling the amount of salt and gravel placed on sidewalks. 

“For sure we will double the amount of time we have to go on the street maintaining a good quality for the sidewalks” said Sabourin to CJAD. 

Apparently the push for more salt and gravel on municipal sidewalks came in response to the high number of Montrealers reported to have slipped and fallen on icy walkways. 

The cost of doubling the salt and gravel used on sidewalks during snow-clearing operations is currently unknown.

But, as CJAD points out, increasing salt and gravel use two-fold is bound to effect the city’s budget for snow removal, so hopefully this is a plan that doesn’t get bogged down by financial restraints.