Montreal Smartphone App Now Translates Confusing Parking Signs For You

The P$ Mobile Service now has a very useful new feature.
Montreal Smartphone App Now Translates Confusing Parking Signs For You

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Driving in Montreal is one thing (especially when we've got freezing rain warnings making roads worse) but a whole other, and arguably more frustrating, driving hassle one has deal with is when your car isn't even in motion, that is, when finding parking.

Actually, finding parking is probably the easiest part of the process. It's what comes after is the hard part. Parking signs written in another language (some alien tongue that is neither French nor English) must be painstakingly decoded, only for you to find out that you could park in the spot your in, if it was Monday, but alas, not on a Wednesday. And then the process begins anew.

As is always the case, modern technology comes to the rescue, with a new Montreal-specific smartphone app that will solve nearly parking woe you have to put up with on the regular. If you've got a car you need to download Stationnement de Montréal’s P$ Mobile Service payment, pretty much right now.

All done online, the mobile payment service lets you pay for your parking from anywhere, meaning you can run out of your car and initially pay on the go, then top up your parking to last a couple hours longer if you're far from your car.

While those features have been around for quite a while, it's the app's newest feature is easily the greatest. Through the app, you can view a parking sign directly on your phone, with all pertinent info (like payment rates and rules) displayed on-screen. No more staring all squinty-eyed at a parking sign confused as hell, and better yet, no more tickets.

Another new feature is prepaid parking, which always you to pay in advance for a parking space, so long as you're already there. So basically, if you know you're gonna be parked in a spot for a while, you can pay a bunch ahead of time rather than going back to the app several times throughout the day.

Download the newly updated V1.4 of the P$ Mobile Service app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play here.

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