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Montreal Smokers Will Soon Be Paying More For Their Cigarettes

The one thing you'll care about in the new federal budget.
Montreal Smokers Will Soon Be Paying More For Their Cigarettes

Yesterday the federal government unveiled the nation's budget, which is as exciting as it sounds. A lot of the major shake-ups in the budget aren't exactly exciting, or relevant, to the average Montrealer. Except for the new tax hike on cigarettes.

That's right Montreal smokers (aka 80% of the city's population) those precious buts are going to cost you a few more pretty pennies.

Prices are set to increase by 24%, and affect all kinds of tobacco, not solely cigarettes. Here's the lowdown.

  • Cartons of cigarettes (200 cigs) will increase by $4, from $17 to $21.03
  • Packs of tobacco sticks (200) will go up by $4 too, from $17 to $21.03
  • Manufactured tobacco (for rolling and chewing) is set to increase about $5 per 200 grams, from $21.25 to $26.29
  • Cigars will also increase in price by $4, from $18.50 to $22.89 per 1, 000 cigars.

In a city like Montreal, where a large population of the city smokes on the reg, increasing tobacco tax is going to effect a lot of people's wallets. Expect to pay more by February 12th, when the tax hikes take effect.

Smokers won't be happy, but the Canadian government will be. The government will gain $3.3 billion more dollars in taxes from the tobacco hike. Looks like when the feds said they wouldn't increase taxes on Canadians, they weren't counting smokers.

Are you pissed about higher tobacco prices?

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