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Montreal Spots To Meet Decent Guys Other Than Bars And Clubs

If you're a single Montreal girl, you've probably already said something like, "Where do I meet decent guys?!?!" while stuffing your face with ice cream and pizza and wiping your tears. I have great news for you, girl! There are actually a bunch of places in Montreal where you can meet great guys that are sober, handsome and overall amazing. And I'm not talking about bars or clubs, obviously. I'm talking about Montreal spots that you wouldn't normally consider for these kinds of things... Romantic encounters are best done in daylight and, preferably, with no alcohol involved. That way, he'll look exactly the same the next day, if you know what I mean.

1. Coffee shops

Meeting people at coffee shops is so easy and unassuming. People go to coffee shops to read, get work done, catch up with a friend or just to chill and sip on some coffee. There is no sexual tension in the air, so everyone is generally more approachable. It's an overall friendly vibe. Why not use it to your advantage and hit on some cute guys? Here's a list of cool coffee shops you should definitely check out for reasons other than drinking coffee. *wink wink*

2. Gym

You want to get that Mr. Benchpress, don't you? I know you do. Meeting guys at the gym is super easy. Not to mention fit guys are awesome. All you need to do is ask for advice and wear a cute workout outfit. Like, "Hey, you mind showing me some exercises to tone up my bum? I'm new here" - most guys love to help out and you take it from there. Just make sure he's not wearing a ring or something.

3. Organic Market/store

If you spot a guy shopping at an organic store or market, it says two things about him: 1. He's health conscious, 2. He's a good cook. Both these things are awesome, obviously. There is a weird positive correlation between skills in the kitchen and skills in the bedroom. Like, if a guy is a good cook, he's most probably good in bed. It's not a science backed fact, but I'm pretty sure I'm onto something here. So yeah, you should definitely meet guys anywhere around food.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering? Uhuh, honey. You want to meet someone with a big heart, right? There is literally no better place to meet a great guy than at a volunteering event. If he donates his own free time to the community because he just feels like it and nobody forced him to do so, he's definitely a keeper. Not sure where to volunteer? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

5. Business lunch

Ok, business lunch spots might involve alcohol and that's okay. A glass of wine or two is not the same as getting trashed at a bar after midnight. You WANT to meet guys wearing suits during lunch hour! They're serious businessmen AND they wear suits. In case you didn't know, suits for women are like lingerie is for men. It's a huge turn on. However, most business guys are actually busy during lunch hour and might not particularly be looking for romantic encounters. You never know, though... Anything could happen.

6. Art exhibits/museums

Meeting guys at museums is quite easy. You can stroke your chin while staring at a painting and ask a guy next to you what he thinks of the color scheme or something... It WILL work. Do it as a social experiment, whatever, you've got nothing to lose. Guys who go to museums are clearly artistic and interesting.

7. Acting workshop

If you're into creative, expressive and unusual dudes, acting workshops is where you need to meet new guys. Whether he's an aspiring actor or acting is just his hobby, it's equally hot. Test it out with your girlfriends. Sign up for an acting workshop. You'll get to act out fun sketches with handsome guys and, who knows, maybe you'll get to take your relationship even further after class.

8. Hockey game

Everyone knows that Montreal guys love to attend hockey games at Bell Center. You can actually meet great guys there. Why not attend a hockey game with girls? Even if you don't end up meeting anyone, you'll still have a lot of fun cheering for Habs.

9. Speed dating event

Most girls cringe at the thought of speed dating, but it could actually be a lot of fun. Not yet convinced? Check out this article. You might very well end up meeting quality guys at a speed dating event in Montreal. Not even kidding right now. Most guys attending these kinds of events are looking for serious relationships.

10. Internet

Internet is not exclusive to Montreal, obviously, but it's a great place to meet guys. Everyone is so busy with work, friends and family, that meeting new people is something that you literally have no time for sometimes. Why not try and strike a conversation with a cute guy on Facebook? It's so easy. The best part? You can wear your PJ's while flirting.

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