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Montreal Spots Where Guys Can Eat And Drink For Free

Sounds too good to be true.
Montreal Spots Where Guys Can Eat And Drink For Free

When it comes to nightlife, guys are definitely getting the short end of the stick.

We're less likely to get into a club because of a "sausage fest" situation, we're usually the ones who get stuck paying for drinks at the end of the night and there is no male equivalent to Ladies Night.

But don't despair, there are still plenty of spots where guys can eat and drink for free. They may not be as glamorous, but it's a start.

1. Costco

This no joke, you can actually get free food an drinks at Costco. All you need is a couple of hats and maybe some sunglasses so you can take more than one sample.

2. Certain Happy Hours ... Probably

Free peanuts! But you'll need to buy a $10 beer. That's where they get scam you. But you know what they say: "You gotta spend money to make free peanuts." -Confucius.

3. Your Mom's House

Because no matter how old you get you'll always be her baby. Also, it wouldn't kill you to give her a call once in awhile.

4. Uuuuuh ... yup, I guess that's all of them.

Definitely not as awesome as Montreal Spots Where Ladies Can Eat And Drink For FREE.

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